On Friday, April 9 at 6:00 p.m. we will have a dialogue between Felicidad Batista, Anghel Morales and Dulce Xerach. ‘Generation 21: New Canarian Novelists’, which brings together the stories of a dozen Canarian novelists.

This title is part of an ambitious project that began in 2011 whose pending subject was an edition dedicated to the talent of young Canarian authors. The women who are the protagonists of this edition are Felicidad Batista, Cristi Cruz Reyes, Mayte Martín, María Teresa de Vega, Cecilia Domínguez Luis, Pilar Escalona, ​​Ana Joyanes Romo, Elizabeth López Caballero, Fátima Martín Rodríguez, Maca Martinon, María Candelaria Pérez Galván and Elena Puchalt Ruiz. It is a book that guides us through different expressive formulas, which corroborate the future projection and capacity of each of them to contribute to the contemporary Canarian narrative with their own voices.

‘Generation 21: New Canarian Novelists’ claims not only the literary quality of the writers who make up this anthology, but also the recognition obtained by readers and critics in the titles they have previously published.

This book is part of a project by the publishers Aguere and Idea under the direction of Ánghel Morales, who launched the initiative in 2011 with the publication of “Generation 21: New Canarian Novelists.” This first bet was followed by a collection of thirty novels by men and women, considered the best series of unpublished novels in the Canary Islands. The director of the Aguere publishing house, Ánghel Morales now closes the circle with the publication of this choral anthology in terms of literary genres, which represents the wide female literary universe that we have in the Canary Islands. Musicals such as that of Grupo Retablo de Madrid and doctoral theses such as the last one by Professor Sinesio Domínguez Suria have been made from this collection.

This volume collects “Doce fromas de expresar razones y emociones”. Each story is the result of different experiences, sensibilities and ways of imagining or dreaming. Each one represents a brilliant light within an immense literary universe, but with the capacity to show singular flashes between the constellations of authors in constant movement within the firmament of publications written in the Spanish language ”.

Felicidad Batista (Arafo, Tenerife, Spain) is a writer and librarian. In his work the narrative, novel story, short story and mini-fiction predominate. She has also written prologues, presentations, reviews, and literary articles. She was born in Arafo, Tenerife. She studied elementary school at CEO Andrés Orozco Batista (Arafo) and high school at IES Mencey Acaymo (Güímar). Later he moved to the city of San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Tenerife) where she studied Geography and History and graduated in the specialty of Art History.

She works as a librarian at the Library of the Presidency of the Government of the Canary Islands.

In 2014 she published her first book of short stories Los espejos que se miran en Arafo and in 2017 in Lebu (Chile). It is followed by Relatos de la Patagonia (2017), in Argentina and, at the end of that same year, publishes her first novel Finis Mare.

Since 2010 she has participated with stories, short stories and mini-fictions in different anthologies from Venezuela, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, Mexico and Spain. She has been president of the ACTE-Canarias Cultural Association of Writers since December 2020. Where she directed the Teide narrative collection.

In 2019, she became a member of the Asociación Cultural Canario Argentina ACCA-Perico Lino. It belongs to the literary collective Generación Bibliocafé (Valencia) since 2012 to that of Arando Letras de México since 2020.

Since 2017  she has collaborated with the radio programs of Argentina: «Faro al Sur» (Quequén. Province of Buenos Aires) from its section «El Otro faro» and in «Palabras, historias y música » led by Mabel Curit (Buenos Aires) and that emits Radius Diameter.

She began publishing in Tamasma Cultural magazine in 2020.

In 2017, she gave a master class on the genre of the micro-story at UNICEN, National University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires, at the I International Meeting of Micro-story organized by the Kemkem Cultural Center.

In 2018 she took part in the Festival of Literature and Travel «Periplo» (Puerto de la Cruz), with Eduardo García Rojas and the book Relatos de la Patagonia. She was a proclamation of the 2016 Arafo Patron Festivities.

She has been the godmother of the Argentine literary workshop «ComoCuento» since 2019.

Manuel Ángel Morales Escudero (Ponferrada, 1968), is a Graduate and Doctor of Law. Writer, teacher, literary critic and cultural manager. As a poet, he has published two books, Poemas (1988) and Allá en la Montaña (1996), receiving various awards and having been included in various anthologies.

In narrative, he has published Cuentos del durmiente  (1997), Insectalia (2011) and Hikikomori (2016) with a good reception among specialized critics: Ángel Basanta in El Cultural de El Mundo, Nicolás Miñambres in El Filandón de Diario de León and Jorge de Arco in Andalusia Information.

He is also a member of the National Association of Literary Critics and the International Association of Literary Critics. He has been the organizer of the Prize for Literary Critics in 2013 in Ponferrada and a member of the Jury of the Critics’ Prize in the narrative modality in several editions, in Santa Cruz de La Palma.

He is also a collaborator in media such as La Nueva Crónica de León (LA torre de los sueños), Bierzodiario (Sed de libros) or meprestaelbierzo (Cajón de sastres) , participating in collective books of literary criticism as the Villafranca del Bierzo Critic Award (2018) or Ungarettiana (2020). He has received various prizes in the modalities of poetry, essays and narrative, among others, the “Galtellì Literary Prize 2019, III Edizione” in honor of the Nobel Prize for Literature, Grazia Deledda.

This project is possible thanks to the support of Diputación del Común and Cabildo de Tenerife.

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